Daniel van Nes x Flip Noorman: ‘De Big One’

Ladies and gentlemen! We have a woman with a beard, a blind clairvoyant and the ghost of the Cuban revolution in a bottle. Ladies and gentlemen! We present to you: 'De Big One'! The last couple of months I have been working closely together with Flip Noorman, a Dutch...

Exhibition design: ‘Brand in de Kerk’ Belfort, Sluis

Wonderful to design this exhibition for Gemeente Sluis, in collaboration with Edufact Advies in Erfgoed! Wrapping up the last bits this week and starting 30 June the exhibition will be on view in Museum Het Belfort! #tentoonstelling #sluis #sintjanskerk #brandindekerk...

Unveiling of ‘Close’ at De Aanschouw, Rotterdam

Dear art friends, I proudly present "Close", my latest work. It will be unveiled at De Aanschouw, the smallest gallery in Rotterdam. It is an honour to be invited by guest curators Art Butchers. "Close" is an illuminated engraving*, depicting a portrait of what might...

SellFable Android in Oukje den Hollander & Flip Noorman music video

Sometimes I work on side projects, and this music video is one of those fun projects. My contribution is modest: I 'invented', sculpted, and painted the 'SellFable Android' dancer (Alina Fejzo). A living sculpture that first came to life in my SellFable - Under Black...

Album and tour artwork for Flip Noorman

Here are some detailshots of the artwork I made for Flip Noorman. I have been working on more material: drawings and props, which will be used during performances of his upcoming tour in theaters this year. Grinding his box organ while luring good folks inside his...

‘SellFable : Under Black Skies’ performance impression

Here is an impression of the performance Alina Fejzo and I did during the opening of the SellFable | Under Black Skies exhibition at La Fee Verte Beautysalon in Rotterdam. The artworks and large mural will be on display until the beginning of March. Pictures of the...

SellFable | Under Black Skies – Art by Daniël van Nes

(Please scroll down for english) SellFable | Under Black Skies - Art by Daniël van Nes 28 januari t/m 1 maart 2018 Opening met een performance door Alina Fejzo en Daniël van Nes: zondag 28 januari om 16:30 uur. Locatie: La Fee Verte Beauty Parlour, Benthuizerstraat...

A spirit like you. Survive.

A spirit like you. Survive.

#sellfable #sfarchivist #electric #enchanted #witch #urbanfairytale #urbancontemporary #drawing #visionaryart #darkart #priestess #multiverse #alternateuniverse ©Daniel van Nes #danielvannes

Electric Clock Witch

Electric Clock Witch. One of many that rule the world. Quick sketches by the Archivist

#sellfable #sfarchivist #electric #occult #multiverse #alternateuniverse #witch #goth #drawing #darkart #visionaryart @comicconamsterdam

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