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a Machine Noir Art Universe


Dutch multi disciplinary artist Daniël van Nes (NL) creates beautiful universes and their stories. His intricate and meticulously-constructed works include illuminated engravings, drawings, mural paintings and large scale immersive installations.

His SellFable Machine Noir Universe reflects on social and technological developments in modern day industrial world, in which concepts such as identity and reality often play a role. Arranging characters and elements in a ‘machine noir’ setting, he illuminates an undefined world that may be waiting for us in the future, or for some already exist in the present.

Daniël is also known for his installations incorporating unique engravings. Reviving the centuries-old techniques of copper and wood engraving, he transposes them to modern materials and new visual concepts, developing a new technique: ‘Illuminated Engraving’. The result of this meticulously handcrafted work can only be seen by use of light.

In addition to his individual practice, van Nes also worked on commissions for companies and private clients like TENNET TSO, and collaborations with well known artists such as Jonathan Davis of KORN, Amanda Palmer, Dark Fortress and Dutch performer Flip Noorman.

In 2010 and 2011, Daniël was a curator for the award winning ‘BLOOOM – the creative industries art show’, in Cologne, Germany. His SellFable project was invited for a residency in Urban Nation – Museum for Urban Contemporary Art, Berlin in 2018.

His work has been shown in museums, galleries and art fairs around the world, ranging from Berlin, St. Petersburg to London and New York.

Here is a publication on Daniël’s SellFable installation in TETEM on Hi-Fructose and on the Urban Nation Berlin website.



Studio Daniël van Nes
Heer Vrankestraat 14c
3036 LC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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