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Ik toon 3 nieuwe tekeningen in de Multi Solo tentoonstelling in Tetem, die opent op 3 december.

De namen van de kunstenaars zijn bekend, maar worden niet bij het werk getoond. Daarom laat ik de werken hier niet zien. Maar een beetje kenner pikt die van mij er zo uit. Hint: zwart/wit en A3 formaat \m/

3 Recent drawings of mine will be shown in the Multi Solo show in Tetem (Enschede, NL), opening 3 December. In this show, all works will be shown without names of the artists. Anonymity. Love it. \m/

Can’t be there? Contact We Like Art! or TETEM kunstruimte for more info. Or drop me a line!



You are all invited for the grand opening of 3 new exhibitions on Thursday 3 December between 17.00-19.00. Come and enjoy the artworks, talks and free drinks.

Multi Solo Size Matters curated by We Like Art!:

A special selling edition of the Multi Solo series with over 100 participating artists, both leading and upcoming artists. All artworks are unique, made on A6 or A3 format and priced equally: 100 euro for A6 format and 500 euro for A3 pieces. But there is a catch!

You won’t know who made which artwork until after the exhibition. The artworks will be presented anonymously.

This Multi Solo will be revealed to the public during the opening, until then the exhibition doors will be closed so everybody gets an equal chance to see and buy the exhibited artworks. Have a look on the website for all participating artists.
Exhibition period: 3 December 2015 – 7 February 2016—we-like-art-open