About my work

I visualise the world that is in my mind. This world and its inhabitants are in part reflections of the world we live in, often inspired by movies, literature, music and media that surround me. I hope I can show people things they have never seen before, open the door to their imagination and inspire them.

I want to promote and stimulate imagination and fantasy. Because I feel these are two concepts that are endangered species in the electronic age. My work is known for installations with what I call “illuminated engravings”, reviving the centuries-old technique of copper and wood engraving. I transpose the technique to modern materials and new visual concepts: the result of meticulously crafted work can only be seen by use of light.

I would like to add this quote by Georges Bataille, taken from “The Cruel Practice of Art”, that I feel defines my work:

“Only a few of us, amid the great fabrications of society, hang on to our really childish reactions, still wonder naively what we are doing on the earth and what sort of joke is being played on us. We want to decipher skies and paintings, go behind these starry backgrounds or these painted canvases and, like kids trying to find a gap in a fence, try to look through the cracks in the world.”


Routine illuminated engraving