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The art fair(s) in Cologne were the best ever. The exciting mix of BLOOOM participants brought a new dynamic to the Staatenhaus am Rheinpark. The place was loaded, 40.000 visitors easily and it rocked more than any art fair before. Daniël is very proud to have been one of the curators for BLOOOM.

The pictures give an impression of the fair. Daniël’s own work in the Strychnin Gallery, his plate at the New English booth and the Emilia Project booth. Mark Evans’ amazing work, a Jordu Schell monster head, Satya Kraus’s motorbike, David Hochbaum, one of Skeleton Heart’s beautiful dolls, Seymour’s massive dollhouse, Maxim (of The Prodigy) in the Strychnin booth, Brad Kunkle’s beautiful silver paintings, Kristen Ferrel chatting with Skeleton Heart, the core Dreamcatchers of The Emilia Project (Christian Muller, Yasha Young, Daniël van Nes) and more.