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Ladies and gentlemen! We have a woman with a beard, a blind clairvoyant and the ghost of the Cuban revolution in a bottle. Ladies and gentlemen! We present to you: ‘De Big One’!

The last couple of months I have been working closely together with Flip Noorman, a Dutch musician and performer. He’s actually a lot more than ‘just’ that. Flip is also a gifted story teller and  theater beast, successfully performing nationwide with his wild bunch of world class musicians ‘De Noormannen’. He / they have become a poetic, subversive gem on the Dutch stages. Think of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Brecht in a seedy bar and you got the picture…

All of these elements combined is where the both of us meet: I am more on the visual side of things, but my love for music, performance and poetry is no secret. So for ‘De Big One’ we decided to join forces.

‘De Big One’ is a musical side show, inspired by the Ringling Brothers’ circus, and a search for the twilight zone between art and entertainment. The Big one also refers to fatal heart attacks, nuclear wars… Flip and I refer to it as ‘ De Big One’ is the disruption of balance. A starting point for social activism, personal stories and a reason to just make ‘dirty’ songs and art.

My personal quest is to bring my imagination and drawings to life in any way possible. Animate them, make costumes, turn the band into my characters, make stage props and stage design come to life… a book with CD, tarot cards..! Making all this happen would not have been possible without close collaboration and the help of Jan Jongeneel (technical production) and Babette van den Berg (costumes), the band and many others. The show premieres on 26 September in Theater Walhalla, Rotterdam and will tour The Netherlands after that.

Here is an impression of what I have been working on:

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