Art That Creeps Book

A beautiful book with Daniel’s work and many other amazing artists, edited by Yasha Young. The book’s end piece is an illuminated engraving that was produced especially for the book. Daniel’s work is featured on the dust jacket with other works by Madeline Von Foerster, Nicoletta Ceccoli, David Stoupakis and Chris Peters.

Other artists in this book: Jason Shawn Alexander, Wayne Martin Belger, Annie Bertram, Marina Bychkova, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Leslie Ditto, Melissa Forman, Scott Holloway, Auhnia Kahn, Richard Kirk, John Santerineross, Natalie Shau, David Stoupakis, Raf Veulemans, Madeline Von Foerster, and Chet Zar.

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