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The Fusion 5 Festival, presented by Strychnin Gallery was an art and music collaboration between 20 artists and 15 musicians from five continents that invaded the 3.14 Hotel in Cannes, France March 7th – 9th, 2008.

Founded in Brooklyn in 1998, Strychnin Gallery has since spawned two sister galleries. Owner Yasha Young opened a second Strychnin in Berlin in 2002, and in October 2007, Strychnin joined Brick Lane’s vibrant art scene in London.

The Fusion 5 Festival is the brainchild of Young and 3.14 Hotel owner Dani Morla. It effectively blurred the lines of genre, style and the pre-conceived notions of “scene,” creating an environment where multi-faceted underground art, no matter the sub-genre, materials or influence, existed as one. This is a notion that thrived on the contradictions. Instead of the aspiring to the “fine art” canon, conceptually, the event furthered the subversive art movement’s evolution in a direction parallel to it.

Among the participating artists were Angie Mason, David Hochbaum, David Stoupakis, Kristen Ferrel, Oksana Badrak, Matthew Bone, just to name a few.