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Here are some impressions of the SellFable City “Circuit Circus” performance in Theater Walhalla, Rotterdam, as part of “De Biecht“, a recurring cultural evening. The piece was an upgraded version of the performance by Friso van Wijck and Daniël van Nes in TETEM, earlier this year. Added to the team are Florian Magnus Maier (guitar) and Andreas Scharfenberg (direction).

I am very happy with the results! This performance shows the many possibilities for expanding and building onto this. Even the audience became SFC Citizens for a moment by holding up their masks. SellFable City slowly comes alive…

A SellFable Citizen is introduced to the stage, where he works on a device producing technical drawings, until another worker guides him to his seat in the big machine. Here he gives his energy to the City and gets possessed by its digital spirit.

The great shots were taken by Tomas Mutsaers!