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Dear friends & art lovers,

On 24 November, the SellFable Archivist invites you on a tour to the Machine Noir world: SellFable City, during a performance at ‘De Biecht’ in Theater Walhalla, Rotterdam.

This will be a new page in its story, as it is slowly crawling into our world… Part of the performance are musicians Friso van WijckFlorian Magnus Maier, actor Andreas Scharfenberg, and myself.

‘De Biecht’ is an evening filled with deviant artists and performers that step outside the beaten path… confessing their sins and darkest secrets!

Tickets can be bought via the Theater Walhalla website: click here.

Date: 24 November
Start: 20:15h
Location: Theater Walhalla, Sumatraweg 9-11, 3072 ZP Rotterdam
Presented by: Flip Noorman en Jaap Rovers

We hope to see you there!

Thank you for any and all the support!!