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Mirror of Lies is a graphite drawing that I produced for Dutch ‘torn up poet’ musician Flip Noorman‘s upcoming album. The drawing is an ode to lies, as will be the album. Flip sings and writes in Dutch. but don’t let that keep you from listening to his haunted tunes.

Pinocchio masks, Trojan Horses, fake pearls and empty shells frame a flesh eating tentacled flower, that is shrouded by smoke screens. To support its weight (the weight of lies) scaffolds and ropes tie it to its place in the mirror.

This is an honest drawing though. On paper, size: 297 x 420cm.. or thereabouts.

This is the first phase of the making of the art for the album, and more artwork will follow. More lies and fake realities.

By the way, the album will be crowdfunded. So keep an eye out for news, and please help Flip get this show on the road!