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I am proud to be part of this exhibition in Russia, and to work on my new installation there:

UN @ SAM: Brighter Days Are Coming
Discover all the colours of the revolution on the 13th of May 2017!
Together with the Street Art Museum in St. Petersburg / Russia URBAN NATION is co-curating the exhibition “BRIGHTER DAYS ARE COMING” featuring the amazing talent list: Bordalo II – Bordalo Segundo, Daniel Van Nes, Dima Rebus, Icy And Sot, Millo, SEPE & Tankpetrol and many more national and international artists showing their exceptional work! Join us!

#urbannationberlin #streetartmuseum #brighterdaysarecoming #goetheinstitute  #museum #urbannation #onewall – with Millo, Bordalo II – Bordalo Segundo, Icy And Sot, SEPE, Daniel Van Nes, Tankpetrol and Dima Rebus at Street Art Museum.

Read more on the Street Art Museum website.