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On 13 March, my solo show in Enschede opens at TETEM Artspace (sorry, only in Dutch! Copy/paste in Google Translate). I have been very fortunate to have been invited to build an exhibition here. And I’m working round the clock, as the ‘SellFable Archivist’, to make it an experience to remember. This will be the first SellFable City installation. It will have large drawings in it. It will have huge installation in it. Insanely beautiful soundscapes by my pal, composer Friso van Wijck. I am working with virtual reality. The show will have a selection of illuminated SellFable Machine Relics… and SFC Bugs have already escaped and made their appearance. A piece of SellFable City will soon land here in the Netherlands. A SellFable Circuit Circus where you, the visitor become one with that world, and can get lost in it.

The exhibition will run until May. Updates and news about what’s going on in the meantime, can be found on  Facebook and Instagram.

Below are some images of the building process: