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#Repost @bkstreetart ・・・ In Berlin to celebrate “We Broke Night” a party at the soon to open Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art to honor art and the artists who make it. Happening in conjunction is “What in the World” Urban Nation’s @urbannationberlin Project M/12 curated by Evan Prico @juxtapozmag We are grateful to be here amongst such great friends and colleagues. A bevy of international AND local artists are in a flurry of activities prepping for tomorrow’s opening. Here’s a little eye candy for you. @james_bullough @onurpainting @west21 @snikarts @hera_herakut @herakut @akut_herakut @sebastian_wandl @artofbust @fanakapan @woes @obeygiant @vhils #allnationsunderoneroof #urbanart #berlin #urbannationberlin @sellfablecity @daniel_van_nes”

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Photo taken at: URBAN NATION

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