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Dark Fortress – Venereal Dawn

Dark Fortress – Chrysalis Official video

Dark Fortress is one of the most prominent bands in the German Metal scene today, with a considerable fanbase worldwide. It has been an honour to be working with these musical masterminds.

The world I created with oil paint on canvas (100x150cm) and charcoal drawings, was inspired by the album’s concept and lyrics. That realm has also come to life in a music video: ruins of a civilization, poisoned light, a lost soul violently transforming into a chrysalis, a container of the promise of an even darker future.

A dark tale…

Here is a very nice quote from the band:

We are proud to present our newest clip to the song ‘Chrysalis’ off our new album ‘Venereal Dawn’, created by our cover artist Daniël van Nes in collaboration with Sanja Maier-Hasagic, Morean and acclaimed American modern dancer and choreographer Jack Gallagher. Both Daniël and Jack got deeply into the song and its story and managed to hit exactly the right vibe for what we wanted. Our music and lyrics are visually very evocative, so we felt the song calls for an approach that almost feels more like a short movie than a regular metal music video. We are very pleased with the final result, and think the images superbly manage to capture the desolation of the protagonist, whose infection by living light (and subsequent initiation of a process that leads to him changing species) becomes apparent in this chapter of our album. Enjoy!”

This entire video was shot with an iPhone 5(!), a challenge to find out how far the HD filming capacities of this phone’s ‘simple’ camera would stretch.

Set, props, direction, production, filming and editing were all done by myself. The amazing performer in the video is Jack Gallagher of Bodies Anonymous.

Visit the Dark Fortress website here. Many thanks to Century Media, JMR Productions and Heijmans


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October 7, 2014