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Impression of the 10x10x4 meter installation at Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg. This installation was part of the ‘Brighter Days Are Coming’  exhibition, organised jointly with the Goethe-Institut Saint Petersburg and curated by Andrey Zaitsev, director of Street Art Museum and Yasha Young, director of the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art Berlin.

The leading motif of the work is the phenomenon of revolution. A mob of angry creatures threatens to conquer the peaceful floating island of mother nature. While protecting her child, she evolves into something else. Seeds of life find their way and float around the room, guided by the lighthouse lamp sculpture in the middle.

This force of life evolves into flowers, buildings, bugs and numbers. The numbers represent machine language, and when translated, form a poem. The numbers and ‘life’ evolve in a revolutionary banner… ending up at the beginning: a flat earth, floating island. With electric creatures, Napoleonesque characters, the religious, the astronaut, representing society and humankind.

This revolution never ends, but goes round and round…