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‘Volt’ TenneT Oil Pressure Unit

‘Volt’ is an ode to electricity and imagination, a portal to a parallel electric universe. It has almost become impossible to imagine life without electricity. ‘Volt’ lovingly wraps cortensteel around an important electric installation owned by TenneT TSO. The weathering steel provides a strong and durable protection of the Oil Pressure Unit. The warm colour of the rusted steel, the poetic appearance of the artwork and use of LED-light contribute to a feeling of safety and a positive vibe in the Rotterdam neighbourhood. The intricately drawn and lasercut facade alone measures 4 x 6 meters and weighs close to 2,7 tonnes.

Heer Vrankestraat 51, 3036 LB Rotterdam, Netherlands
Latitude: 51.940533 | Longitude: 4.48161

Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)

Photography: Johannes Odé & Babet Hogervorst