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Sometimes I work on side projects, and this music video is one of those fun projects. My contribution is modest: I ‘invented’, sculpted, and painted the ‘SellFable Android’ dancer (Alina Fejzo). A living sculpture that first came to life in my SellFable – Under Black Skies exhibition and performance.

The android is one of my SellFable Creatures. As if she escaped the SellFable Universe, she ended up here in this homely setting Рmessing with the lives of the singers Flip Noorman and Oukje den Hollander. The video was directed by Joost Reijmers.

Currently I am also working on artwork for Flip Noorman’s upcoming album and tour, which is scheduled to be released this year.

Text & Music: Flip Noorman
Director: Joost Reijmers
Lighting & fire: Jan Jongeneel
Dancer: Alina Fejzo