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22 AUGUST – 22 SEPTEMBER 2013 @ Kallenbach Gallery Amsterdam

David Hochbaum and I are having a two-man show in Amsterdam, thanks to the hard work of Strychnin Gallery, Kallenbach Gallery and the ever awesome Yasha Young. The show opens the 22nd of August from 18:00h to 21:00h. You are cordially invited to join us!

We also have beautiful book to accompany the show so if you can’t be there for the show but you’re interested, please go the gallery site to pick one up.

Curated by Yasha Young

‘To be sentinel for the dreams of others means to dedicate ones life to translate visions into reality step by step. Knowing and being able to obey makes for the only way to be a good commander of cities, dreams and people. The sentinels who prevail are the ones who know when victory is impossible and wait patiently yet still have the courage to follow the mission as it comes from passion. They are strong but never rude, kind but not weak, bold but not arrogant, humble but not timid. Sentinels stand alone on top of their iron Citadel in confidence and with the courage to lead the way through the darkest night empowering those around them to carry their torches proud. Integrity and loyalty are what makes them compassionate leaders who know how every day is another chance to learn, grow and become better for those they aim to guide to their victory. Standing watch for those who are lost in dreams they are keeper, watchman and guardian alike.’

-Yasha Young

Show opening: 22 August 18:00 – 21:00

Kallenbach Gallery, Pazzanistraat 9-11, 1014DB Amsterdam
Tel: +31619640174