Route du Nord 2016, Rotterdam
Book presentation: Circuit Circus, by PulpArtPublishers

Circuit Circus, Tetem, Enschede, Netherlands (March 2016)
Dutch ComicCon (March 2016) Visit ComicCon website

Multi Solo, Tetem, Enschede, Netherlands (December 2015)
Here Lies 1975, 1975 Gallery, Rochester, New York, USA (3-31 October 2015)
Wall Therapy, 1975 Gallery Rochester, New York, USA. Website:  Wall Therapy
Official opening permanent Installation VOLT, Rotterdam
Art and Language / Poetry International, Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam
Route du Nord 2015, Rotterdam
Workshop 17th Century Drawing, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam
Installation Museumnacht, Rotterdam

Route Du Nord, Rotterdam, NL
ProjectM #4, Urban Nation, Berlin DE
ProjectM #3, Urban Nation, Berlin DE
Wunderkammer TETEM, Enschede NL

Mad Hatters show, Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena CA
Art.Fair, Staatenhaus am Rhein, Cologne
New York Comic Con, New York
Kallenbach Gallery, Amsterdam (two-man show with David Hochbaum)
Route Du Nord, Rotterdam

Art.Fair, Staatenhaus am Rhein, Cologne Germany
Comic Con, New York
‘PAST FORWARD’ project, Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa, Italy
“Herzenbrecher”, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin
“Les Animaux”, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin
RAW Art Fair, Rotterdam

ArtFair 21, Staatenhaus am Rhein, Cologne Germany (group)
Civic Museum, Reggio Emilia, Italy (group)
“Enchanted Forest”, Strychnin Gallery Berlin, WWF charity group show
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Strychnin Gallery Berlin Germany (group)

ArtFair 21, Staatenhaus am Rhein, Cologne Germany (group)
A La Gitane CBK, Rotterdam (group)
Quadrant Fantasies, Seaby Denmark (group)
Museumnacht Schielandshuis, Rotterdam (group)

Xmas Luau, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin (group)
Painting live on stage with Amanda Palmer, Union Chapel London (click here to read more)
Apocalypse WOW! Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome (group)
Art Fair 21, Cologne (group)
Midsummer Night’s Madness (group)
KunstArt, Bolzano (group)

Fallen Angels, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin (solo)
Artief, Diest (group)
Art Fair 21, Cologne (group)
In the Absence of Color, London (group)
Invasion, Dusseldorf (group)
Fusion5 Festival, Cannes (group)

XXX-Mas show, London/Berlin (group)
Kings and Queens and Childhood Dreams, London (group)
Art 21, Cologne (group)
Bridge Art Fair, London (group)
Salon Macabre, Strychnin / Last Rites Gallery, New York
Liste, Cologne (group)
Strychnin, Berlin (group)
Dark Hearts & Broken Vows, Strychnin / Last Rites Gallery, New York (group)

Arcanum Strychnin / Last Rites Gallery,  New York (group)
Supperclub, Amsterdam (solo)

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, Amsterdam (group)
Studio Apart, Amsterdam (solo)
Gallery 45, Westdorpe (group)

Walls gallery, Amsterdam (group)
Apart Media, Teleport Tower Amsterdam (group)

Nomination Artist of the Year, Jaarbeurshallen, Utrecht (group)
Echo Audio, ‘HotBlood’ Terneuzen (solo)
Rotterdams Fabrikaat, Rotown, Rotterdam (group)
Cieremans gallery, Rotterdam (group)
Walls gallery, Amsterdam (group)
Kunst in Ahoy, Rotterdam (art fair)
Kunst Event, Buildingcentre, Antwerp (Belgium – art fair)

Aktueel Expirimenteel Verrassend Progressistisch Groepssalon, Cortewalle castle, Beveren (Belgium – group)
Graphic & multimedia,

Zuidzande Church (group)
Gemeentehuis, Terneuzen (solo)
Echo Audio, ‘Nude’ Terneuzen (group)
Echo Audio, Terneuzen (solo)

2015 Odilia Beck character drawings of 17th century Odilia Beck & Herman Breckerveld
2014 Music Video ‘Chrysalis’ for Dark Fortress
2011 Curator for BLOOOM, Staatenhaus am Rhein, Cologne Germany
2011 Set design & doll house for Blaas Of Glory music video, starring Tygo Gernandt
2010 Curator for BLOOOM, Staatenhaus am Rhein, Cologne Germany

Presentations, Workshops, Readings
2015 Torpedo Theater / De Mus, presentation about art and current projects, Amsterdam, NL
2015 De Biecht, presentation about art and current projects, Rotterdam, NL
2014 Route Du Nord, Reading about art and current projects, Rotterdam, NL
2012 ‘World building & storytelling’ Presentation for Provincie Zeeland, NL.
2009 Painting live on stage with Amanda Palmer, Union Chapel London, UK.
2009 – 2010 Art On The Beach, Workshops, Municipality of Rotterdam, NL

2013 Sentinels of the Citadel, David Hochbaum & Daniël van Nes – PulpArtPublishers
2013 black_nes sketches by Daniël van Nes – PulpArtPublishers
2012 Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2013 Click here for website
2012 Strychnin Gallery / Yasha Young artist catalog
2011 The New English Limited edition Mad Potter’s Tea Set
2010 The New English Limited edition “Tektonic” ceramic plate
2009 Korero Publishing, Art That Creeps


Selected media
2014 ‘Kasten vol Fantasie‘ by Tamar Stelling (SellFable City)
2014 Interview Versus Magazine by Cristina Sá
2012 Jewelry fashion shoot Superior Magazine, March edition
2010 The New English “Tektonic Plates” catalog
2009 VIRUS Magazine interview by Luise Jankowski
2008 Artists & Illustrators Magazine interview by Lynn Parr
2008 Chris Osburn interview Cannes
2007 White Hot Magazine article by Sylvie Gassaway
2005 Boilingpoint
2005 The Art of Carp
2003 Omroep Terneuzen, radio interview about ‘Hotblood’
2003 PZC article about ‘Hotblood’