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The installation deals with the struggle around social and cultural hardening, protection of values as well as the vulnerability of identities and the isolation of individuals and groups. “The Last of Our Kind” is a fortress. An impressive castle in the clouds that harbours the fragile “Queen of Reason” and two of her guardians: “Guardian of Candor” and “Guardian of Sanity”.

Three illuminated engravings live inside their large glass domes. They will perhaps remind you of samurai, proud warriors, chess pieces, or playingcards at first glance. There’s a hint of Sargent’s lady Sassoon in there, proud and ready to take up arms. If you zoom in closer, worlds, ruins and rivers of light appear in delicate lines. If anything, I have tried to preserve beauty and to give it its castle so it has a fighting chance.

The size of the installation is 2,40m x 2,40m or 94.5in x 94.5in.