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Daniël’s work will be in this show in the form of a teacup, teapot, creamer, sugarpot and wye vase, all in a very limited edition of 10. Strychnin Gallery is collaborating with the innovators of English ceramics The New English to bring you ‘The Mad Potters Party’. The show will include over 100 international artists including names such as Ray Caesar, Chris Mars, Krk Ryden. The show will kick off at 7pm on Friday February 4th.

Included in the show are: Ray Caesar, Chris Mars, lola, KRK Ryden, Nathan Jurevicius, Brandon Maldonado, Matt Haber, Oksana Badrak, Caitlin Hackett, David Stein, Maxim, David Stoupakis, Camilla d’Errico, Kristen Ferrell, Mimi S, Seymour, Chris Von Steiner, Bethany Marchman, Jason Jacenko, Sophie Bastien, Daniël van Nes, David Hochbaum, François Escalmel, Christian Rothenhagen, Annie Bertram, Jon Jaylo, Dirk Larsen, Lori Field, Elmer Presslee, Monique Ligon, Bird Reynolds, Marmite Sue, Martina Secondo Russo, Ver Mar, Saturno Buttò, Rose Hardy, Wee Flowers, Scott Holloway, Edith Lebeau, Brian Horton, Cliff Wallace, Skeleton Heart, Nanami Cowdroy, Maxim, Pete Folwer, Vlad Quigley, Peter Ting, Catherine Jahan, DBO, Famous When Dead, Chrissy Angliker, Betsy Walton, Juka Araikawa, Camila Prada.

Take a look at the limited edition plate The New English produced with my work and take a look at The New English website and Flickr page to get an idea of their amazing ceramics.

Pre orders can be made from the 20th of January by contracting