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Italian creativity between past and future: the yesterday’s masterpieces “covered” by today’s talents. I am proud to be part of this group show in the Civic Museum of Bassano di Grappa, Italy. Below is the press release with detailed information:

A Giovanni Cervi project for Infart Collective

Curated by Diego Knore, Yasha Young and Giovanni Cervi @ the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa

Past Forward will open on August 31 2012 at 18:30 and will run ‘till October 6th

2501, Alessandro Bavari, Mattia Biagi, Zaelia Bishop, Lisa Black, The Bounty Killart, Arianna Carossa, Cera, Francesca Dalla Benetta, Dast, Benjamin de Diesbach, Dorian X, El Gato Chimney, Francois Escalmel, Tamara Ferioli, Nancy Fouts, Stanislav Ginzburg, Sandra Hauser, Brian Horton, James Kalinda, Diego Knore + 108, Koes, Lisa Mei Ling Fong + April Mae Hinds, Lucamaleonte, Sara Magni, Bethany Marchman, Miraschi, Doriano Modenini, Daniel van Nes, Orticanoodles, Manuel Pablo Pace, Sergio Padovani, Thomas Pagani, Virginia Panichi, Giovanni Pasini, Paolo Polloniato, Thomas Raimondi, Rankore, Elena Rapa, Maria Rubinke, Mustafa Sabbagh, Giuliano Sale, Mimi Scholz, Sika, Skawager, Squp, Mattia Trotta, Ufocinque, Fernanda Veron, Raf Veulemans, Benjamin Vierling, Nicol Vizioli, Chris Von Steiner, Kevin Weir, Stefano Zattera

The importance of art and it’s social or cultural influences and their role within them as the mirror over centuries past is a fact. We all have been taught about Da Vinci, van Gogh, Vermeer or Dali, Botticelli or Tiziano, Basquiat, Haring and Warhol. We go on trips to museums, study art and look at works that have been a reflection of societies and their “at the time ” political and social climate. We learned about wars and big political changes that gave life to new forms of art , artistic expression or destroyed entire invaluable collections and legacies. Revolutions and centuries of wealth and debauchery, industrialization and recessions left their mark on works and all this we can see by walking through a museum and its individual collection.

What we do not see is the current stream of change and development that happens underneath the surface. Carried by waves of social media platforms and a new markets. There is an incredible pool of talent out there that has perfected their own techniques, developed entirely new techniques or evolved old master techniques inspired by them such as ” Mischtechnik” or wooden engravings to only name two out of of the endless possibilities. The work of these young artists is often not seen in its great and evolving state as  “emerging” artists rarely have access to a museum never mind the option of showing work there. And yet they are the eyes of today’s society and the changes that we are constantly experiencing.

We might have evolved to be more technical and removed from the wars that we are waging on foreign soil, we might be blinded and have created more distance to the poverty in our countries, to death and natural catastrophes but they all exist more than ever and the young artists of the world are still a reflection of what is going on and is moving the next generation. So bringing together the past and the future in this wonderful exhibition will allow the viewer to experience the impact old masters had on the technical and artists development of the future generations of masters as they recreate and put their spin on the original concepts of works show here at the museum’s permanent collection. The viewer will be invited to see that the basic core of human existence, the problems and concerns but also success we share have not changes in their purest form but they may  have changed face and their new appearance will be brought to us by an international crowd of young artists we had the pleasure of working with for years.

Contacts: Mobile: +39 349 6440 946Flyer Past Forward Skype: wintermantis