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Have you ever had the feeling you were the last person on earth, defending your castle? Whatever it is you defend, a belief, an opinion, the truth… honesty, virtue. There is so much to defend, the list goes on forever. Defender, lone sentinel, wasteland all-star: you are not alone.
I am the SellFable Archivist. Here, to collect evidence about a civilization that only few believe actually exists. My purpose is to tell the world about it. It’s how I am wired, or programmed if you will. There may be relevance in this ‘SellFable’ world’s history. If there is, it will be up to you to recognize it.
It is relevant to me. After all, that is why I am here. Defending this castle of one truth. An educator. An opener of minds and doors. My promise to you.

Your electric servant,

The SFC Archivist.